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So yesterday I did the dreaded Glucose Intolerance test. I am currently 29 1/2 weeks so I’ve heard from other moms that I took the test later than most. However all of that aside my doctor reassured me that it doesn’t matter how far into my pregnancy I take it because usually any type of “abnormalities” will show up later than sooner anyways. Now don’t take that as that’s how it is for everyone because HE and EVERYONE know that’s not true because everyone is different but he was just saying that “statistically” that’s what happens. 

Now as far as the test goes I am happy to say that I passed the 1 hour test! I was quite worried I was going to fail and have to stay for 3 hours and do the 3 hour test. But I followed all the rules and Waaa laaaa, passed with flying colors! Now I’m sure the rules are the same for most offices but If you’re wondering what I did to help pass the 1 hour I simply did as I was instructed! 

  1. No food or drinks for 12-14 hours before taking the test. 
  2. Sips of water may be taken in those 12-14 hours of fasting if needed but no big gulps! 
  3. No breakfast the morning of (going back to rule #1 no food 12-14 hours before).
  4. In between taking the glucose drink and having your blood drawn, no snacks, wait till after your blood has been drawn or instructed that it is okay. I know it’s hard because I felt a little light headed but it’s better to do it right and pass the first time then fail and have to wait 3 hours instead of 1 before you can eat! Then you’ll really be feeling light headed! 
  5. Watch what you eat the day before, don’t load up on carbs/sugars. Eat as you normally would but maybe skip the sweet treats!

Now of course you’re allowed to brush your teeth and such so go ahead a do so as Normal 🙂 As far as the drink it’s self goes I must say it was not at all as bad as everyone made it seem!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It tasted like a lightly carbonated Orange Fanta. You have 5 minutes to finish about a 8oz-10oz bottle of the glucose drink and I downed it in 30 seconds haha! 

Now the hard part is the wait. If you’re smart you’ll ask to schedule your normal routine OB appointment after you have taken the drink because it will eat up time in between which is what I did. I only had to wait like 15 minutes after my appointment to have my blood drawn & tested for any intolerances and abnormalities. Forgot to mention My doctor also did my pertussis vaccine for me as well during my visit. 

As far as baby goes he is measuring at about 31 1/2 weeks! So needless to say he is measuring a little bit ahead of schedule! His due date is still July 27th but we may be meeting him sooner than that if he keeps up this growth spurt! At our last appointment he was only about a “half week” ahead in measurement So, he’s definitely big and healthy! 

I must say I’ve been pretty lucky with this pregnancy so far, no morning sickness, and NO weight gain. While I have grown in my belly area and hips lots, I have actually “lost” about 10 lbs and am weighing less than I did before baby. Now my face is finally starting to show a little “weight” but that I’m okay with! As long as baby is healthy I’m happy! 

I hope you enjoyed this little update on baby Lyda and advice on how to pass the 1 hour glucose test! Let me know if it helped you at all!❤️ 



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