Preset Release

So I did a thing! This is something I’ve always wanted to do and am so proud to finally have just pulled the trigger and done it! So many times I thought, thought, and held back but here we are, I did it! I released my Lightroom Presets!

As of right now I only have 2 but I plan to have at least 5 by the end of the year. I put a lot of love into these, I wanted to really make something that didn’t require a ton of tweaking. So many times I’ve seen and heard the flaws of presets, and wanted to try and eliminate that as much as possible. For example, the “Fall In Love” if I ever have to adjust anything the 3 main items to tweak would be the exposure (but that’s every preset), the orange color’s saturation (decrease the saturation), or blacks depending on how moody you want it to look.

I’ve had times where I’ve bought presets in the past and they look so beautifully advertised and then when you get them they don’t apply well at all. They either require tons and tons of tweaking to where it’s not worth it or they are just and I hate to say this, but junk. I didn’t want that at all. So I hope you love these as much as me! Below are some examples of my presets so you get a real life feel of how they’re used. Keep in mind a preset is not a one click filter, it will always require a tweak and is meant to enhance your photography. Thank you for all the love on this!

Below : Fall In Love

Below : Black and White

If you would like to visit my Etsy shop to purchase please visit here!

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