Halloween DIY Crafts

It’s been about a solid 3 years since I’ve celebrated Halloween, and this year I am in the spirit! I’ve been on the hunt to find inspiring ideas and crafts and am pleased to share with you this quick, fun and easy DIY spooky sign! The best part is you can choose to make this say whatever you like, and can choose your color scheme to your liking!


Dollar tree sign OR any sign of your choice

Paint Brushes/Sponges

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks

Acrylic Paint of your choice

Wooden Letters

Embellishments of your choice (I picked glitter spiders, glitter stars, and wooden witch hats)

Gently pull the plaques off, being careful not to break them or poke yourself.
Choose your color scheme
Start painting your pieces of wood, and letters. I did about 3-4 coats so that there wasn’t any lines or visible lettering coming through. The wood letters also soak up paint pretty quickly so you may need a few coats of paint as well.
Start playing around with positioning before you glue your plaques down to see what you like best!
Start playing around with embellishment placement but don’t glue down yet! You’ll want to do your letters first!
Here I’ve started hot gluing down my letters but left the embellishments in their place so I know where to change their placement as I keep adding letters. Drum Roll……. are you ready for the finished product!?!
To finish her off I added the black spiders, the wooden witch hats from Dollar Tree, and these gold star stickers! You can find almost all of these type of items at Hobby Lobby, Michaels & Local Dollar Tree Stores!

This project took me maybe 2 hours, most of the time was just waiting for paint to dry. I can’t wait to make the boys some more fun signs for their room reading nook! I hope you enjoyed this DIY and can’t wait to share more!🖤

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click & shop on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you so much for clicking through and helping to support my blog.

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