Ghosts, Goblins and Mummies – Oh My!

Happy first full week of October everyone! To celebrate the boys and I busted out a matching pair of Halloween PJs and took some photos on the *Spooky* fireplace. It has been SO much fun decorating this year with them. The boys do have a couple more sets of PJs I can’t wait to share with you all, and even though the fireplace is still a tiny bit under works we are loving it, there are just a couple details left I need to add! Kevin is also working on an awesome project that I can’t wait to share! It’s so simple too and adds sooooo much pop! You all will love it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I can’t wait to see everyone’s pumpkin patch pictures! Always THE BEST!!!! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram please make sure to, and I would love to follow back!🖤

You can shop these pictures by heading over to my Like to Know It page! Here

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