Happy 11 Months Remi

There is literally nothing I don’t love about this kid. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, although surprised, I couldn’t have felt more blessed to bring another baby into this world.

Remi’s delivery was not as easy going as Roman’s. In fact, it was polar opposite, a little down right scary. What started as spread out contractions literally sped up into 2 minute apart contractions within the hour. We called my mom and she came over to spend the night with the boys while we went to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital we checked in, and patiently waited to get into a room. If you didn’t know with Roman, my water broke so I was pretty much a walking leaking water balloon last time and was apologizing to the staff every 5 seconds for the mess 😅 . Once in the room, doctors confirmed my labor was progressing and we got into the delivery suites.

The nurse went ahead and put my IV in and hooked up my fluids and ordered my epidural. Where everything seemed have went wrong was my nurse never actually turned on my IV… I got the epidural and then things started taking a toll. My heart started racing, I felt majorly jittery, and my heart was going from 68 to 172+ during contractions. I’m not joking.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:30 so when the nurses did their shift change around 6:30 my nurse looked everything over for her to take over and found my IV hadn’t been started. While she held it together well she looked over my vitals, noticed the major jump in my rate during contractions and called the cardiologist and my doctor. There was definitely a look of concern but I appreciate their poker faces.

Long story short, I started losing my breath, and would feel like I was going to black out anytime they laid me on my back to check my cervix. Scared now my doctor confirmed I was dilated enough and wanted to get the baby out ASAP. I freaking love that guy, he had a team of 10 plus people in the room ready for anything for me incase something went wrong, 2 cardiologists, 2 anesthesiologists, himself and all tenured nurses.

If I’m being honest, the nurse who checked me in was in school still and that’s why I requested no residents from the beginning. I had this weird gut feeling something wasn’t to go right… but oh well!

Also, Kevin is an angel heaven sent. He held his shit together so well during it all. Never once showed he was scared, and was my rock through it all. I was definitely scared not knowing what the heck was going on with me. I had an epidural with my first and had the most smooth delivery. This time I was in such “distress” after I gave birth I couldn’t even do my skin to skin with Remi right afterwards. I still want to cry thinking about it.

After the shakes wore off, and I was able to breathe and catch my breath I finally got to snuggle the sweetest boy.

From then on we’ve been best buds. I did constant skin to skin while we were in the hospital, and stayed up watching movies holding him during the night. Now he’s a giant snuggle bug and throws fits when it’s time for bed because he wants to be held, hah.

He has the best giggle, the cutest 6 little teeth, chunkiest little toes, and sweetest hugs of all time. Everything we went through was worth it for this baby boy. Well almost toddler now. Remi has started standing on his own, and is taking small steps which is so amazing but sad for this mama heart that he’s about to be a big walking boy.

Happy 11 months Remi Brady! We love you so much!

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