Wolfie Kid’s Style

Happy Sunday friends! I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend, and not letting the stress of the holidays get to them. If there is one thing about COVID this year is that I knew I didn’t want to be out and about around a bunch of people shopping, so we did it all online as pick up or an order. Boy I tell ya I’m upset we didn’t do it like that sooner.

As we thought about shopping online, shopping local, and shopping small this time of year we were lucky enough to stumble upon this sweet little shop called Wolfie Kids. I’m going to insert a little snip from their about because I feel like they explain their shop perfectly.

“Products are hand picked by our team in Australia at the highest quality possible, dedicated to bring you the best of the best, but for less.”

Below the boys are wearing the Wilkie set. Roman is in the color Honey and Remi is in the color Ocean. These sets are oversized to give a cozy, comfy feel. For Roman we went ahead and went with a size 4-5, he typically wears a 4T in pants and tops for reference. Remi is wearing 18-2yrs and typically wears 18month bottoms and 2T tops, so he’s definitely got some room to grow in this.

The boys spent yesterday outside playing, we did some chalk art, ran around the back yard, sprayed some silly string, and jumped on the trampoline. Once it got dark we went and checked out some lights at the Arc and Candy Cane Lane/Reindeer Road. Honestly Candy Cane Lane was probably one of the coolest light displays I’ve ever seen. If you want to see some snips you can check out my Christmas highlight over on Instagram, highly recommend if you live in the Wichita area. Through it all the boys loved their sets and had the coziest day.

To check out Wolfie Kids visit the link at the end of this post.

Remi & Roman’s Outfit Details

Beanies : Zara

Outfits : Wolfie Kids (Wilkie Set)

Roman’s Shoes : Zara

Remi’s Shoes : Zara

You can use code LYDA20 for 20% off your Wolfie Kids order!🖤

Shop Wolfie Kids Here

Visit their Instagram Here

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