Out With The Old, In With The New

Looking back at 2020, while the year was rough so much was also gained from such a crap shoot. My family was fortunate enough to be blessed with jobs when others were losing theirs. I was able to keep my kids in daycare to continue their knowledge, while others may not have had the luxury to be able to teach their kids at home due to financial situations. I saw so many heart breaking stories of parents who couldn’t afford laptops, computers, tablets, internet to connect to, and I found myself checking myself when I would think things were bad about how bad others have it compared to me.

At times I complained about having to be “locked” inside, while others were hurting that their loved ones were quarantined in a hospital without any visitors allowed. Grandparents couldn’t be visited, parents dying in the hospital had to say goodbye via FaceTime. Another check yourself moment when I would see it hit close to home through people I knew.

Through it all we grew closer. As a family, a community, social community. Joking about all things to make light of the world around us. From Tiger King, to Murder Hornets, The Election, even aliens, content creators around the world came through. Conspiracy theorists were also at an all time high and kept me relatively entertained. I can’t be the only one who goes down a TikTok rabbit hole, right?

The good things that did come out of 2020 however – I was able to become closer with my family. I worked from home 2 days a week, which was extra time I was able to spend planning dinners, crafts, and activities to do together. I realized it’s the little things, like baking cookies together, doing art for holidays, getting the cheesy matching pjs and taking pictures. So much more time was spent playing outside, it reminded me of the time I grew up when that was all you did. On the weekends from dusk to dawn you were outside with the neighbor kids, shoot sometimes you even ate at their house because that’s just how it was, no questions asked.

Kevin put up a basketball goal and a trampoline and oddly enough it made it feel even more like home. Who would have known that has that type of impact?

I can tell you one thing though, I realized how much I took travel for granted. I now have a huge understanding of just how much I want my kids to experience the world. I want to make memories with them exploring this beautiful Earth that we call home. I want to show them the beauty of the mountains, and the animals that call it home. To wake up in the morning and sit on the porch together outside just taking in the clean, crisp, mountain air. I want Linc and Roman to play in the ice cold streams that come flowing down from the snow capped mountains as I did when I was little. I want them to feel the ocean breeze, to squish their little toes in the sand, to see a morning sunrise and evening sunset on the coastline. I want them to experience as many cultures as possible to open up those beautiful eyes of theirs. The list goes on and on.

What has 2020 taught you?

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