Maternity Pictures 

So where to begin!? I am absolutely IN LOVE with how our pictures turned out! I could not be happier. Thank you so much Elly Bean Photography for capturing these moments! You seriously work magic!

For anyone looking for a maternity photographer I HIGHLY recommend her! She is so kind and personable! I am a slightly awkward person when it comes to having pictures taken and she made everything feel so easy and natural. Elly was also very helpful in guiding us on what to do or what looks great, she even kept in mind that I had a “favorite” side for pictures! I know silly but little details like that always make me feel great because I feel confident in certain camera angles.

We can’t wait to use her again for Roman’s newborn pictures! I’m so excited to see what she will come up with! Thank you again so much Elly!!!



Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

fourth collage-2

So I always look forward to the Fourth of July because we get to spend time with our family and friends which is always fun because we get to see people we don’t always get to see! Plus with baby almost here it’s nice to just get out!

Now I am someone who always likes to look cute when celebrating any holiday but I like to do it in a cute subtle way. Normally I would find a cute red white or blue swimsuit with a fun tank and shorts or cover up but since I am so pregnant right now I am limited on cute clothes and swimsuits. However pregnant or not I thought these items would be great to tie into your Fourth of July wardrobe plus, who doesn’t love a good red lip?!

#1 Red Maxi Dress

#2 Topshop Gold Sandals

#3 Red Tie Headband

#4 USA Sweater

#5 Gold Choker

#6 Bauble Bar Earrings

#7 Cut-off Denim Shorts

#8 MAC Cherry Lip Liner

#9 MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

#10 Quay Sunnies

I Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth!





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32 Weeks, Colorado, & My Birthday!

Monday May 29th, 2017 : Arrived in Estes Park, Colorado



Ahhhh, the glorious view of the Rocky Mountains! There is seriously nothing more majestic and beautiful than this view. I grew up coming to Estes Park as a kid every year and since I’ve became an adult I’ve found myself making multiple trips a year here. With baby on the way I couldn’t think of a better “Baby Moon” than here to come as a family of 3 one last time (before we are 4)! If you have never visited Estes Park it is a must! Estes is very family friendly with so much to do from horse back riding, to hiking in RMNP, white water rafting, to shopping downtown, mini golfing, and even enjoying a Colorado home brew at the Beer Garden.

When we first got into town we dropped our stuff off at my Aunts place (who lives in Estes and was very kind to let us stay with her) and relaxed a little bit. Since the Drive from Wichita to Estes is a long one we really took it easy the first night and just went to a late movie. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it was seriously hilarious, if you haven’t seen it yet do yourself a favor and DO IT!

Tuesday May 30th, 2017 : My Birthday and 32 Weeks!


So I officially hit the 32 Week mark! Wahoo! I must say its still unreal that I only have 8 weeks left! To celebrate our milestone and my birthday we started the day off with some breakfast at The Egg & I in downtown. They have such good breakfast, we always enjoying making a stop here when we are in town! After breakfast we went to Fun City for some mini golf. The weather was perfect, and I’m happy to say that I actually won a round of mini golf for once and NO, they didn’t let me win just cause it was my birthday! While we were mini golfing we happened to see Open Air Adventure Park across the way, and decided to make our way over after we grabbed some lunch at the Estes Park Brewery.


Now with Open Air they only do courses/sessions every 30 minutes so we had to originally wait a little before we could go. Now obviously with me being pregnant I couldn’t participate but Lincoln and Kevin could. Before getting up on beams they had to go through a little walk through session on their gear and how to maneuver through out the course. I happened to snap a couple cute pics of them.




Now being the quick learners they are they had no problem and hopped right on in!






Linc completed the first level of the course, the greens and blues, we hung out while dad completed the second level of course (the hardest)! So proud of him!

We spent the rest of our evening hanging out at the house having a Monopoly game night, Kevin kicked our butts.

Wednesday May 31st, 2017 : A Day in Denver

Wednesday we made the hour and a half drive into Denver to take Linc to the Denver Aquarium. If you haven’t ever had a chance to take your little ones I very highly recommend this! Kevin and I went together last year and enjoyed it as adults so much that we wanted to bring him back here.




The coolest part is at the very end where you can touch the sting rays! We had a hard time getting Linc to leave, haha.

After the Aquarium we made the short drive next door the Children’s Museum of Denver where they have indoor and outdoor exhibits. Now we didn’t know there was a water area for the kids to play in so we didn’t come prepared unfortunately and had to skip out on that, so if its warm out bring your kids swim suits, its a really neat area!










As you can see this museum is also easily just as enjoyable for adults as well!

Thursday June 1st, 2017 : HOME we go!

So before we headed back home we made a quick stop down into Glen Haven for their famous cinnamon rolls! Now if you plan on making this stop make sure you not only get there when they first open (9 am) but that you also call ahead the day before If you plan on ordering more than 5! They will only give a maximum of 5 rolls per person, and they go quick so get in line and plan ahead! I promise its worth it! Hope our little vacation gave you some in sight on fun things to do if you ever visit Estes Park. Since I can’t hike I did miss not being able to go into the park and do the trails but there is always next time!



30 Week Bump Date

So this week I hit the 30 Week mark! 3rd trimester exhaustion has definitely started to kick in and I’ve heard it only gets worse! As of lately I really haven’t been getting too much sleep😞Heart burn has been a real issue these last couple weeks and it hits me really bad at night. I’ve talked with my doctor and he has just re-recommended trying to eat small meals and not eating past 6pm since mine has been so awful. I have also struggled with insomnia something fierce this last week, I just can’t seem to get comfortable at all (heart burn not helping of course), So he has reccomended trying some Tylenol PM. To top off this wonderful last week I also woke up covered in hives last night! Now they did go away with a little bit of Benadryl so I’m hoping it was just a one time thing. Maybe a little stress of baby coming and feeling like I still have so much to do could have brought it on?! Aside from heart burn, little sleep, and hives though Week 30 really hasn’t been too bad! Little man has been VERY active (I love feeling his little movements)! I honestly cherish every little moment and movement that I can because I know there’s not too much longer before I’ll be missing those kicks and hiccups. However, I would be lying if I said that I also can’t wait to meet him and finally see his sweet little face! This Sunday is our baby shower so I will be posting lots of pictures and a blog all about that soon!


Danielle 💕

Side note: |My top is from Spool 72, and both my earring and necklace are from Express.|

Bump Date

So yesterday I did the dreaded Glucose Intolerance test. I am currently 29 1/2 weeks so I’ve heard from other moms that I took the test later than most. However all of that aside my doctor reassured me that it doesn’t matter how far into my pregnancy I take it because usually any type of “abnormalities” will show up later than sooner anyways. Now don’t take that as that’s how it is for everyone because HE and EVERYONE know that’s not true because everyone is different but he was just saying that “statistically” that’s what happens. 

Now as far as the test goes I am happy to say that I passed the 1 hour test! I was quite worried I was going to fail and have to stay for 3 hours and do the 3 hour test. But I followed all the rules and Waaa laaaa, passed with flying colors! Now I’m sure the rules are the same for most offices but If you’re wondering what I did to help pass the 1 hour I simply did as I was instructed! 

  1. No food or drinks for 12-14 hours before taking the test. 
  2. Sips of water may be taken in those 12-14 hours of fasting if needed but no big gulps! 
  3. No breakfast the morning of (going back to rule #1 no food 12-14 hours before).
  4. In between taking the glucose drink and having your blood drawn, no snacks, wait till after your blood has been drawn or instructed that it is okay. I know it’s hard because I felt a little light headed but it’s better to do it right and pass the first time then fail and have to wait 3 hours instead of 1 before you can eat! Then you’ll really be feeling light headed! 
  5. Watch what you eat the day before, don’t load up on carbs/sugars. Eat as you normally would but maybe skip the sweet treats!

Now of course you’re allowed to brush your teeth and such so go ahead a do so as Normal 🙂 As far as the drink it’s self goes I must say it was not at all as bad as everyone made it seem!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It tasted like a lightly carbonated Orange Fanta. You have 5 minutes to finish about a 8oz-10oz bottle of the glucose drink and I downed it in 30 seconds haha! 

Now the hard part is the wait. If you’re smart you’ll ask to schedule your normal routine OB appointment after you have taken the drink because it will eat up time in between which is what I did. I only had to wait like 15 minutes after my appointment to have my blood drawn & tested for any intolerances and abnormalities. Forgot to mention My doctor also did my pertussis vaccine for me as well during my visit. 

As far as baby goes he is measuring at about 31 1/2 weeks! So needless to say he is measuring a little bit ahead of schedule! His due date is still July 27th but we may be meeting him sooner than that if he keeps up this growth spurt! At our last appointment he was only about a “half week” ahead in measurement So, he’s definitely big and healthy! 

I must say I’ve been pretty lucky with this pregnancy so far, no morning sickness, and NO weight gain. While I have grown in my belly area and hips lots, I have actually “lost” about 10 lbs and am weighing less than I did before baby. Now my face is finally starting to show a little “weight” but that I’m okay with! As long as baby is healthy I’m happy! 

I hope you enjoyed this little update on baby Lyda and advice on how to pass the 1 hour glucose test! Let me know if it helped you at all!❤️