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So yesterday we had Baby Roman’s Shower. I am SO thankful for all the love and support we received yesterday from family and friends. I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by, it seems like just yesterday I was telling my husband that we were pregnant! Now we are less than 10 weeks away from meeting our little man! Now that we have loaded up our cars and have got all of the gifts back home Kevin and I will spend the next couple days going through things and seeing what all we got doubles of and sorting through everything. I can’t wait to start putting everything together and organizing! My mom is going to come over this week and help me go through the house and re-organize every room and help baby proof what we need to. We also need to make a list of everything we still need to do and get before Rome gets here. Once we get everything done I plan to do a post all about Rome’s nursery and how we have it set up and organized. I will do one for what we did around the house to help keep it clean, tidy, and baby friendly as well! Thank you again everyone for everything! If any of you mommies/daddies have any baby advice or advice for keeping things organized for baby please leave a comment down below! I would love to hear from you! We are about to start working on our hospital bag and I will post all about that as well soon!




30 Week Bump Date

So this week I hit the 30 Week mark! 3rd trimester exhaustion has definitely started to kick in and I’ve heard it only gets worse! As of lately I really haven’t been getting too much sleep😞Heart burn has been a real issue these last couple weeks and it hits me really bad at night. I’ve talked with my doctor and he has just re-recommended trying to eat small meals and not eating past 6pm since mine has been so awful. I have also struggled with insomnia something fierce this last week, I just can’t seem to get comfortable at all (heart burn not helping of course), So he has reccomended trying some Tylenol PM. To top off this wonderful last week I also woke up covered in hives last night! Now they did go away with a little bit of Benadryl so I’m hoping it was just a one time thing. Maybe a little stress of baby coming and feeling like I still have so much to do could have brought it on?! Aside from heart burn, little sleep, and hives though Week 30 really hasn’t been too bad! Little man has been VERY active (I love feeling his little movements)! I honestly cherish every little moment and movement that I can because I know there’s not too much longer before I’ll be missing those kicks and hiccups. However, I would be lying if I said that I also can’t wait to meet him and finally see his sweet little face! This Sunday is our baby shower so I will be posting lots of pictures and a blog all about that soon!


Danielle 💕

Side note: |My top is from Spool 72, and both my earring and necklace are from Express.|

Bump Date

So yesterday I did the dreaded Glucose Intolerance test. I am currently 29 1/2 weeks so I’ve heard from other moms that I took the test later than most. However all of that aside my doctor reassured me that it doesn’t matter how far into my pregnancy I take it because usually any type of “abnormalities” will show up later than sooner anyways. Now don’t take that as that’s how it is for everyone because HE and EVERYONE know that’s not true because everyone is different but he was just saying that “statistically” that’s what happens. 

Now as far as the test goes I am happy to say that I passed the 1 hour test! I was quite worried I was going to fail and have to stay for 3 hours and do the 3 hour test. But I followed all the rules and Waaa laaaa, passed with flying colors! Now I’m sure the rules are the same for most offices but If you’re wondering what I did to help pass the 1 hour I simply did as I was instructed! 

  1. No food or drinks for 12-14 hours before taking the test. 
  2. Sips of water may be taken in those 12-14 hours of fasting if needed but no big gulps! 
  3. No breakfast the morning of (going back to rule #1 no food 12-14 hours before).
  4. In between taking the glucose drink and having your blood drawn, no snacks, wait till after your blood has been drawn or instructed that it is okay. I know it’s hard because I felt a little light headed but it’s better to do it right and pass the first time then fail and have to wait 3 hours instead of 1 before you can eat! Then you’ll really be feeling light headed! 
  5. Watch what you eat the day before, don’t load up on carbs/sugars. Eat as you normally would but maybe skip the sweet treats!

Now of course you’re allowed to brush your teeth and such so go ahead a do so as Normal 🙂 As far as the drink it’s self goes I must say it was not at all as bad as everyone made it seem!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It tasted like a lightly carbonated Orange Fanta. You have 5 minutes to finish about a 8oz-10oz bottle of the glucose drink and I downed it in 30 seconds haha! 

Now the hard part is the wait. If you’re smart you’ll ask to schedule your normal routine OB appointment after you have taken the drink because it will eat up time in between which is what I did. I only had to wait like 15 minutes after my appointment to have my blood drawn & tested for any intolerances and abnormalities. Forgot to mention My doctor also did my pertussis vaccine for me as well during my visit. 

As far as baby goes he is measuring at about 31 1/2 weeks! So needless to say he is measuring a little bit ahead of schedule! His due date is still July 27th but we may be meeting him sooner than that if he keeps up this growth spurt! At our last appointment he was only about a “half week” ahead in measurement So, he’s definitely big and healthy! 

I must say I’ve been pretty lucky with this pregnancy so far, no morning sickness, and NO weight gain. While I have grown in my belly area and hips lots, I have actually “lost” about 10 lbs and am weighing less than I did before baby. Now my face is finally starting to show a little “weight” but that I’m okay with! As long as baby is healthy I’m happy! 

I hope you enjoyed this little update on baby Lyda and advice on how to pass the 1 hour glucose test! Let me know if it helped you at all!❤️ 



What’s In My Bag


So after my last post I wanted to go ahead and show you just how much I was able to comfortably fit in my purse. Keep in mind I still have TON of room to put much more in if I wanted to. I will link all products below.


Now I’m not only a sucker for things that smell good but I’m also a sucker for Bath & Body Works Body Creams! There is nothing worse than being out and about and having dry hands, arms, legs etc. especially after washing your hands in a public restroom! Now I know I’m not the only one who feels like public restroom soap just strips your skin of all moisture and leaves you dry. Its nice to keep something on you that not only smells yummy but keeps your skin hydrated!


Okay so if you have not tried this product yet it is a MUST! I always keep chapstick on me but this is a total game changer! This product leaves your lips plump, smooth, and soft with just the tiniest tint of color!


ORGINIZATION, ORGINIZATION, ORGINIZATION! I can’t say it enough! There is nothing more important to me than staying organized. As a mom, working full time, baby on the way, and makeup artist my life needs to stay organized! I love this planner because it has a monthly agenda map, and then its also broken down by each day with enough room to plan out anything you need to do. I am also a list person so this was another thing that made me gravitate towards this planner, it has multiple pages for notes (unlike some that only have one or two pages) and it also has “List” section.



This is pretty self explanatory I think. I personally like to keep perfume in my purse to touch up anytime I feel like I’m needing a refresher wether it be after leaving a restaurant and not wanting to take the food smell with me, or just wanting to reapply after wearing it for several hours. Perfume is personal but these two are personally some of my favorite scents, light, fresh, with a little musk!


Protect your eyes, everyone needs a good pair of sunnies! These are one of my favorite pairs from Quay Australia, I do own several ones from them and they are not only priced well but are made extremely sturdy!


I feel like makeup bags are a must if you are able to fit them in your purse. They hold all your products you need to touch up with through out the day, plus are great for storing any medications as well that you may not want just laying at the bottom of your bag. I personally like to keep my inhaler, lash case when I wear lashes in case I want to take them off and store them, and a phone charger in my makeup bag with my take along products of choice. Makeup bags are great for keeping your purse clutter free!


I hope you all liked this little Whats In My Bag blog and I hope it gave you some new ideas for products to try and things to keep with you! I also hope this gives you a little bit of an idea on not only how much I was able to store in my new bag, but also how to store things when you have little storage! ❤




May 4th, 2017

Bag Review Title Pic

So as some of you may know this past weekend I went on a Bachelorette Party to Denver, CO. Now I’m not normally a big bag person, I usually swing for the smaller “sling” style bags because I like to be hands free. However though, as many of you may know I am 28 weeks pregnant so I figured it was not only time for a new purse because mine was falling apart but because I needed to get used to carrying something bigger around with baby boy on his way since a diaper bag isn’t exactly small. Now I’m not normally one to splurge on a bag, and to be honest I have had my eyes on this bag  but I wanted to get a feel for a bigger bag first before splurging. If I do decide to go with the LV I will definitely write a review though since I plan on using it more as a baby bag rather than an actual purse. Back to this bag though, I must say I was VERY satisfied with my purchase! The Mercer Tote is large and can carry many items comfortably as it does come with a shoulder strap so I get the best of both worlds, hands free and more storage. I really wanted to put my new purse to the test this past weekend and see just how much I could carry around comfortably while we did “Bachelorette” things. I will mention this bag does not have many pockets so if you are a someone who likes lots of “storage” in their purse this may not be the one for you but, storage is not a big deal for me. I was able to fit my planner comfortably at the bottom, along with my travel makeup bag, large wallet,  mini Amazing Grace perfume, iPhone charger, prenatal vitamins, and Quay Australia Sunglasses with plenty of room left to add anything else I could have wanted to. While I do understand this purchase would be a splurge for some I would highly recommend this bag, easy 9/10. I would give it a 10/10 if it had more pockets but I know while its not important for me it may be for some. The leather and handles are well made and sturdy, and it holds its shape well. If you would like a more in depth blog about everything I keep in my bag (wether it is to see the size of the items I fit in there or curious to see what I like to keep in my bag) please comment down below. 

You can buy this bag Here as well as browse the inside to see what I’m talking about storage wise.